Ba Fa Quan -八法拳精编拳路演示图

The art of Ba Fa Quan or Eight Methods Fist has a history of around 100 years. But because it was passed down verbally by masters in a small region of China, the art has almost been lost today. There remain just a small number of practitioners of this rare Kungfu style concentrated in Shanxi province and Inner Mongolia in China.

Ba Fa Quan was created towards the end of the Qing Dynasty in Shanxi province China by Master . Li Demao. Li was one of the leaders of the Xinghai Revolution in 1911. Li combined the best aspects of Shaolin, Xingyi Quan, Cannon Fist, Tan Tui , Pi Gua, Tong Bei, Gong Li, and Fan Zi. The Martial Art gets its name from the eight applications of power and the eight methods that it employs. The entire form comprises 64 postures, which is 8 times 8.

The eight methods refer to the hitting, grabbing, intercepting, holding, kicking, sticking, dodging and stomping techniques that the art employs. The eight applications of force refer to Chong – a straight forwards force, Zuan – forwards drilling, Guo – rolling, Ning – a twisting with the body, Pi – slapping downwards, Liao –slapping upwards, Hua – a deflecting force, and Peng – an expanding force. The characteristics of each application of force are displayed in the art. Ba Fa Quan is classed as a combination Long Fist style.

In practice the art exhibits both internal and external characteristics, as well as the characteristics of the eight styles it is derived from. The art stresses offensive and defensive striking techniques, a precise physical structure, simple movements without embellishment, high speed and quick changes in offensive and defensive movements, making use of what is practical. In practice Ba Fa Quan is bold and direct, compact and fierce. It improves one’s physique, increases the agility of one’s four limbs and their ability to adapt to changes in actual battle. It is an ideal art for beginners to practice in order to lay a solid foundation in Chinese Kung Fu practice.

八法拳 简介

八法拳傳承至今有百年歷史,但由於流傳地域不廣,多是拳師口傳心授現今幾乎失傳,有极少數民間习练者基本分部在中國山西與內蒙古地区。八法拳創于清朝末年著名山西拳師李德茂(辛亥革命时期领袖人物)综合吸納了少林、形意、炮捶、潭腿、劈挂, 通臂、功力、翻子拳术的优点而创, 因拳法中讲求八劲和八法而得名。整个拳路共八八六十四弍。八法指拳路中所应用的打、抓、截、拿、踢、靠、闪、震等八种技法,八劲指冲、钻、裹、拧、劈、撩、化、棚等八个劲法,各劲法特点都体现在拳路中。


【八法拳】Ba fa Quan/Eight Directions of Power Form

Ba Fa Quan, or “8 Methods Fist” was created at the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911), by the famous martial arts master Li Demao(李德茂), leader of the Xinhai rebellion in Datong in Shanxi province. Li combined the best aspects of several other martial arts known as Shao lin,Tong Bei, Dan Tui, Fan Zi, Xing Yi, Cannon punch, and Bi Gua (wall hanging). The reason it’s known as the Eight Method Fist is because the art emphasizes eight attacks, or eight methods. It incorporates fist, knife, sword and spear techniques and their corresponding forms. It is now popular in Datong in Shanxi Province, the Yuncheng area and also in Inner Mongolia. Because it draws on the essence of many different styles, strictly speaking, Ba Fa Quan can be called a comprehensive art. Its movements place emphasis on and uses ‘chong’冲 (a straight use of force), ‘zuan’钻 (drilling), ‘guo’ 裹(wrapping), ‘ning’拧 (twisting with the body), ‘pi’劈 (slapping down), ‘liao’撩 (slapping up), ‘hua’化 (deflecting force) and ‘peng’棚 (extending the body), so it is called Ba Fa Quan (Eight Method Fist). The structure of the movements is precise and simple, incorporates several variations of speed, combines attack with defense, and emphasizes practical movements. In performance, a relaxed use of force is required. It is compact and violent and can raise a person’s sensitivity and ability to react. Through speed and use of force it promotes the practitioner’s blood circulation and strengthens the spine. At the same time it’s useful in real combat. Frequent practice of this style of Kung Fu can make the martial artist full of youthful energy and spirit. It is suitable for those who practice martial arts as a hobby and already posses a little foundation in martial arts. It is especially good for teenagers.

Although Ba Fa Quan already has a 100-year history, it was never spread across a broad area. The masters only taught in person, so the number of people who have really grasped all the forms of the art are very few. In order to protect this martial arts style from being lost, this book has been compiled. The book presents Ba Fa Quan (Eight Method Fist), Ba Fa Qiang (Eight Method Spear) and three Ba Fa Quan partner routines. Ba Fa Dao (Eight Method Knife) and Ba Fa Jian (Eight Method Sword) will be covered in another volume.

Ba Fa Quan techniques include punching, grabbing, intercepting, catching, kicking, sticking, dodging and shaking, along with the eight methods. Punching and catching are the primary techniques. Punching techniques are split into upper punch, middle punch, lower punch.

As mentioned earlier, you will learn ‘chong’ (a straight use of force), ‘zuan’ (drilling), ‘guo’ (wrapping), ‘ning’ (twisting with the body), ‘pi’ (slapping down), ‘liao’ (slapping up), ‘hua’ (deflecting force) and ‘peng’ (extending the body).