Xin Wu Men

In 2004, Master Longfei Yang originated Xin Wu Men in New York, USA. Its purpose is: to help restore the light of the original philosophy that had permeated and enlivened the martial arts for centuries. And to promote traditional martial arts internationally.

Over the last few generations, something precious was lost. Martial arts had begun to deteriorate into hollow fighting forms. Xin Wu Men hopes to revitalize traditional martial arts, to use the hart and mind to master the boxing, to use the power to cultivate the body, and to integrate the inner and outer selves. So as to follow the Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance to achieve the Dao.

All members of Xin Wu Men must uphold the traditional Chinese ethical spirit of benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, trust, and courage, cultivate their minds, practice diligently, inherit and carry on the true traditional martial arts, defend justice, guard goodness, and serve the community for the benefit of mankind.

Xin Wu Men consists of two bodies: Xin Wu Men Kung Fu and Xin Wu Men International Martial Arts Association.

Xin Wu Men Kung Fu

focuses on teaching.The classes have their philosophical roots in Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism; their scientific roots in Chinese medicine and the simple observation of nature. Drawing from Ba Fa Chuan, Tai Chi, and Internal Mantis Boxing, internal training and martial skills are presented to balance the mind and body, harmonize the inner and outer self, improve mental acuity and concentration, and boost health and fitness.

This training includes several components:

  1. Yi Jin Jing (Tendon-Transforming Classic): An ancient series that harmonizes and balances the organs and improves the blood and chi circulation. This internal jing training works deep into the marrow of the bone to build a strong physical foundation, inside and outside. Benefits include: increased flexibility and calming of the spirit, cultivation of patience, and building of concentration.
  2. Nei Gong: An “Energy-Encircling” Exercise for jing training. This improves posture for the cultivation and transfer of power to open the channels. Light Meditation—Light Meditation is used to develop mental peace, compassion and internal focus for improved health.
  3. Partner Training to practice fighting skills and techniques.
  4. Forms: Tai Chi Chuan, 7-Star Boxing, 8-Manner Boxing, Whipsticks, Fly Dragon Sword, Snowing Spear,7-Star Staff (stick), and Self-Defense Techniques.

Xin Wu Men International Martial Arts Association

is a platform for talents from all walks of life to make friends through martial arts. In addition to taking students to participate in various competitions, we also organize various cultural exchange activities.

In following the Way of Martial Arts that is Xin Wu Men, the greater and more sincere student’s commitment, the greater the reward.





  • What’s the Meaning of the Phrase Xin Wu Men?

There’s a lot in a name. The word “xin” in Xin Wu Men means “heart” but it also signifies “mind,” because Chinese tradition sometimes locates the mind in the heart. “Xin,” then, connotes “heart/mind.” “Xin” also contains the meaning: “center.” A richer translation of “Xin” in Xin Wu Men would, therefore, be: “Heart-mind Center.”

“Wu” means “martial arts,” but martial arts that include a sense of “peace.” And “Men” means “Gate.”

So Xin Wu Men is the Gate to Heart/Mind-Centered Martial Arts.


  • Is Xin Wu Men a New Martial Arts System?

No. “Xin Wu Men” is not a new martial arts system.

It is an approach to traditional martial arts that makes them accessible to people today.


Martial arts is a long, deep river. We invite you to pass through the Gate, and explore the river with us at the Xin Wu Men Martial Arts School.