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Meditation & Internal Cultivation

Zen TaiChi 太極禪.内功

Internal practices for the benefits of self value and good health

Self-Defense and Combat


Defensive techniques, including external aspects

Forms and Weaponry


Traditional Martial Arts Forms, Weaponry Skills.

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Grand Master Su Yu Chang (Taiwan)

Xinwumen Kungfu School and Master Longfei Yang has brought to the table a spiritual and an astonishing training experience. He has given many of his disciples an unforgettable experience and has been promoting traditional martial arts worldwide. I highly recommend his martial arts school.

Grand Master Li Shu Sen (China)

Master Long Fei Yang is an international teacher with great spirit, martial arts skills and a very unique philosophy. He is very passionate about his work, maintains good relationships between his students, and has patience and a strong mindset . He is an excellent master to learn from.

Grand Master Li Tailiang (USA)

謝謝龍飛老師 你是當今海外武林德、藝兼備,且很有思想而了不起的難得人才!



Grand Master Dong Xishen (China)

Longfei Yang is a hard-working and hard-working warrior. He is brave enough to study and keep improving. He has a solid understanding and is more important in health and actual combat. I hope that he will continue to grow and develop in the traditional Wudaomen martial arts, and make more achievements for the martial arts culture.

—19th Generation Successo of Chen Style Taijiquan