Tai Chi for Senior 太極養生操

Zen Taichi 太極養生禪


Our main purpose is to carry forward and further inherit traditional culture, specifically with excellent traditional martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine and health preservation experience along with other skills to serve the community. Through our efforts to spread and promote globally, we have reached more than 10,000 people.


Over the past three years, I have collaborated with some of my kung fu students and the New York Queens Senior Activity Center to develop my transformative technique. Targeting elderly ranged from 60 to 100 years old, we have studied, researched and tested until we discovered the best, most effective exercise plan. It was designed so the elderly may live easier and happier simply through easy-to-learn to learn Tai Chi health exercises which could, in a short period of time, provide health benefits. Today’s course content and overall model has already proven to be very stable and successful, utilized by hundreds of seniors in 13 centers to this day.


There are a total of 118 movements of the body from top to bottom of each joint, tendon, meridian, internal organs, bones and blood. The technique is taught in an exercise class, and these can additionally improve the blood circulation for the elderly. The technique has been proven to improve organ health, sensitive nerves, joint pain aging, muscle atrophy, body stiffness, poor balance and balance the ying yang as well as other aspects.


In the future, we will continue improving the content and quality of the Tai Chi Health Club, which will introduce more popular A-B sports courses to benefit the elderly and enhance their physical conditions and health. The course content will include and combine Chinese health preservation instruction, Chinese medicine, qigong, soft martial art techniques, massage therapy, relaxing zen music, to name a few.

Now we have a total of 118 movements, plus local and all repetitive movements in a lesson lasts from 45 to 50 minutes. The elderly has made a total of 1750 movements.


This past year, the New York Adult Senior Center has nominated and granted me “Best Teacher of The Year”. The reason why my exercises are so easily loved by the elderly is because this course is designed to be versatile and inclusive of many physical conditions and disabilities which may be present in the elderly. Therefore, almost 99 percent of the elderly can practice it.


We are constantly seeking to grow, become better and gain more professional skills to serve the public so that the health and the elderly can be benefitted, as well as their happiness. Please join us in our journey to do good and support this cooperation so we can be steadily progress, develop, and better ourselves.